Window Tint Benefits

You adore your automobile from styling to the relaxation and security you are feeling behind the wheel and the driving experience - for many reasons. And with our window tint you'll be able to add another - a more confident ride that comes from knowing you and your family are shielded from the harmful UV rays, glare and heat of the sun. Not to mention the increased privacy you'll enjoy.

Window tint additionally helps with safety to hold the glass together in an attempted break-in or the event of window breakage. Window film also creates a comfortable environment and can make an automobile up to 60% cooler in the summer, cutting down on your own vehicle being exceptionally popular when you enter it

Aesthetics is probably the most common reason however energy savings, and security, comfort, UV protection are other popular justifications to tint windows.

Paint Protection Film

Our protection films will protect against damage from road debris, rocks, salt as well as bug acid. This clear urethane film is nearly invisible and designed to protect your vehicles paint.

Our recommended coverage includes hood, fenders, bumper and side mirrors while our premium coverage covers the full hood, partial fenders, bumper & side mirrors. Headlights and fog lights and any other painted surfaces prone to road damage (ex. rocker panels, wheel wells, top of the rear bumper, door edge guards, door cup guards).

After purchasing a new vehicle you will notice mainly the front of the vehicle will start to show chips and damage from driving at high speeds which in the long run will cost the value of the vehicle to decline, by wrapping the targeted spots on your vehicle with our paint protection film you will preserve the paint and it will always look like the day you rolled out of the dealership.

Our Premium Brands we offer

Factory certified & trained for the following brands.
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What we offer to every customer

We stand apart from the competitiors by providing the below

Professional Installation

We have over 20yrs of professional installation & hundreds of hours participated in national trainings to stay up to date on the latest vehicle technology.

Local Facility

We are located in Wheaton, MD to best serve our customers in the surrounding areas. We are locally owned & operated here in Wheaton, MD

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our installations for the life of the vehicle. We take our installations a step further to ensure the best performance for many years to come.

Customer Service

We take pride into providing the best customer service on a daily basis. We do this through by consistently providing communication, being honest & taking pride in our work.